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Pasteur Network and GeoSeeq Foundation Partner to Tackle Climate-Associated Increases in Infectious Disease

Oct 31, 2023
Complex global challenges are best addressed by unlocking the power of existing networks and empowering institutes anchored in local communities. This new partnership brings together Pasteur Network — a storied and unique organization covering a breadth of countries, people and public health challenges — with nonprofit GeoSeeq Foundation — an AI-powered platform for tracking emerging and circulating pathogens, microbial discovery and predictive modeling.

Biotia Launches GeoSeeq Watchtower System: A Global Genomics-Based Infectious Disease Monitoring Program

May 12, 2023
Deployed across eight countries on four continents, the program will generate genomics data to predict infectious disease threats and optimize outbreak response.

U.N. Hosts Climate and Health Scientists at Plenary on Vision of Future Pandemic Preparedness

Feb 6, 2023
As the United States ends the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration — despite facing 500 deaths per day — a group of scientists and academics are gathering to present to the United Nations, calling for an early warning system for future outbreaks.

Biotia and Partners Develop Tracking Platform to Help Prevent Public Health Crises

Nov 19, 2022
Biotia launches technology platform to identify, analyze, track and forecast global health threats.

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